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I wrote a blog post about Carrie, for those who are interested :)

Woke up with my straight hair trying so hard to be curly! About to jump in the bath and ruin @petesjams masterpiece!

Woke up with my straight hair trying so hard to be curly! About to jump in the bath and ruin @petesjams masterpiece!

We went to the supermarket to try and find some ice and..everywhere is out of ice.  So we thought the next best thing-
You thought the next best thing.
I thought the next best thing.  I know the next best thing is buy a load of ice lollies and make this the ice lolly bucket challenge.

To My Sixteen Year Old Self, CHF


Carrie & Buzz 9/9/14


Carrie & Buzz 9/9/14

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abbymoorestyles2 asked: "I absolutely adore you. Ur posts are simply amazing. What is your frankly.me nickname? Can we be friends there?"

Oh my, thank you so much! This truly made my day :) I had never heard of frankly.me until I got this ask so I’m afraid I don’t have it. But feel free to ask my any questions you’d like to on here!



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Anonymous asked: "Hiya! Is this blog run by several people? If not, would you consider it?"


Nope, this blog is only run by me! I don’t plan on running it with anyone else soon because it’s easy to manage on my own, but if I ever get really short on time I’ll be sure to call out for some help! :)



To my sixteen year old self,

Do you want the good news or the bad?
The good news is we’re happy,
the bad is we’re still barking mad.
Right about now you should be leaving that strange emo phase where black nails, ribbons, and lace and a moody face
were all the craze.

Now I’m still convinced that all that you’re about to witness
all the heart break, all the mistakes,
all those failed attempts at fitness,
every tear and shout and giggle
has gone towards creating me.
And I wouldn’t change a single second of your happiness or misery

But with all that said,
I think there are some things you ought to know
Just to make your journey smoother
less bumpy on the go

1. Don’t compare yourself to every girl you’ve met
Their bigger boobs,
Their longer legs,
Their better makeup,
Cause I will bet that every girl you’ve ever met,
has compared themselves to us

Our curvy waist, our wavy hair
when all we thought was what’s the fuss?
You’re not them and they’re not you
and holy crap that’s nice.

So stop comparing and start self caring.
Cause all you are will more than suffice.

2. Hold your horses
Take things slower, think it through
cause you’re so good at jumping in the deep
without a freaking clue
you fall in love with best case scenarios
whilst ignoring all the worst
so when the worst comes rolling round
your bubbles quickly burst

Fight the urge to race ahead,
be the tortoise not the hare
You’ll see the end before it’s here
not fall over it when you’re there

3. Take time to date yourself
and don’t let guys state your worth
Half the guys you ended up being with just didn’t deserve everything you had to offer
Cause you didn’t learn to love yourself
before you asked a boy to love you
which got you left up on a shelf
So figure out exactly who you are and then be daring
Cause you’ve just got to be more careful when it’s your heart that you’re sharing

Aside from that,
I wouldn’t change a thing,
even that stupid decision you made that 2012 will bring

But remember there will be times when it feels like all is lost,
when there’s no way out from all that doubt
and every bridge has been crossed
But if you call it quits you’ll never get to see where we end up
And I’ve got to say it’s pretty freaking good so don’t give up

Life’s got this funny way of being really bad
But then just like that the light comes on
and you will be so glad that you held on that bit longer
So you can lay out in the sun

And I hope that I can make you proud

Your sixteen year old self

— Carrie Hope Fletcher, To My Sixteen Year Old Self